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 About Criterion Green, Inc. - A letter from the founder.

This is an exciting time and this is an exciting project which will be the first of it’s kind reducing carbon footprint utilizing centralized water-cooled HVAC, and a 2mW solar array, with over 400 LED lights developed by NASA engineers...

Criterion Green was created because we want to help others. We wish to continue to serve this country by providing a quality of life that has only recently become a viable option thanks to Oregon voters. We have been dedicated, sacrificing over 7 years to protecting our Country’s freedom. We have completed 3, year-long combat deployments to Afghanistan to ensure the freedom and success of this country, and this industry. The mission to be Oregon’s flagship producer of premium, safe, and environmentally friendly Cannabis is just another no-fail mission to us. 'Merica.

The American public is accepting the fact that Doctors should be able to openly discuss Cannabis treatment options for Multiple Sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, pain management, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and many other ailments. We appreciate the hard work work that Oregon has done in making the testing requirements equal for both recreational and Medical Marijuana, which helps give us, the producers, peace of mind knowing that we are delivering the safest products available to our consumers. We know that there is no stereotype of people that enjoy cannabis, so we are happy to for the opportunity to supply to all.

This indoor marijuana grow facility will be part of a community of growers, processors, wholesalers, research facilities and testing labs. The vision of this project is to address a number of critical concerns pertaining to the emerging marijuana industry. It is common knowledge that this new industry is having a huge impact on the power grid as well and many environmental concerns. Oregon has the chance to start this industry off on the right foot. There is already a huge energy impact on the infrastructure of Colorado and Washington state. Oregon has the unique opportunity to learn from those states and set a new standard of environmental and energy best practices.

One of our main goals is to be in an operational position to support the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs with medical grade Cannabis. We would like to supply Cannabis prescribed to patients for trauma pain, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other issues. An 18 year-old adult that can buy cigarettes, vote, go to war, potentially have arms and legs blown off, or die for this country… why is it that they cannot have the judgement to enjoy themselves with something that grows naturally and has so many proven benefits?  Recognizing that smoking may not be the healthiest way to consume Cannabis or THC; we are innovative thinkers permeating markets that cater to vaporizing oils, make consumable food products, and produce pill-form supplements in addition to our top-shelf raw flower production.

Criterion Green, Inc. will be another successful chapter in the story. We assembled this team to become a functional part of this Country, provide jobs to this Economy, and benefit the people in it by producing top-tier, safe, tested, Cannabis Flower. We are the Criterion. Criterion Green, Inc. “The standard by which others are judged.” 

We sincerely look forward to helping to make your life better.

Ben Winner
Founder, Criterion Green, Inc.​


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